What if you could be productive even under uncertainty and overwhelm in a burnout-free way?

Coaching to become a Better, more Resilient, Agile and Impactful Version of You.

With a Peak-Performance Coach by your side you succeed at levels you didn't know possible. Learn how to

adapt faster, increase productivity and be more successful under any circumstance.

"I inspired myself, by answering your questions. I am busy at work now, And happy to be so; Thankful & Grateful ❤️ You have already made a difference in my life,

Thank you." - Robert D.

The more stress and the less time you have, the more appropriate our coaching method is for you.

What are the dangers and lost opportunities of not having optimal mental and physical health on your work performance and life quality?

How much is going through the grind using a scattershot approach costing you from your potential exponential success?

How many potentially great opportunities are you passing up because of not having enough time in a day or because you are too tired after work?

Everything around you seems chaotic. You may feel anxious and fearful from the changing circumstances around you and how they may affect you.

Tons of people are bouncing around from course to course and program to program—desperately trying to find something that will make a difference for them (I used to be one of them too). Without a foundational strategy for sustained IMPLEMENTATION and support in place, investing in expanding your skills could very well be a waste of time and $$$$.

You want to be equipped for life’s challenges, feel confident and in control.

Why waste time reinventing the wheel when you can tap into tried and true methods and have a person that supports you in what you want to achieve?

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What if you could have it all and then a bit more without burning out in the proccess?

Learn how to adapt & thrive under all circumstances

Imagine getting back home from work with a smile on your face more often

That's our promise to you at Actualizing Change.

Having a clear compass for faster decisions making.

Reconnecting with your passions and sense of purpose.

Feeling higher levels of satisfaction.

Reaching the aspirations and outcomes you want faster.

Do your best in every area of your life without feeling depleted.

You’ll have productive days at work and still be filled with energy to do other activities you love.

Revolutionizing people's minds, actions and approaches to life and business est 2017

"As a coach, I am dedicated in providing you the coaching techniques and everyday tools that will help you to adapt & thrive no matter what life throws at you through a burn-out-free-approach.

Since 2017, Actualizing Change clients have seen sustainable improvement in their overall performance because of our evidence-based approach.

With me as your coach you will turn your shoulds into wants, untangle the unwanted habits you have and create sustainable helpful habits that don't rely on your motivation or willpower.

What makes my coaching program different from any other coaching program in the world is that I've developed the methodology through combining multidisciplinary research in psychology & neuroscience, practical research case studies at multiple Fortune 500 companies, systems thinking, behavior design principles, constantly experimenting with the techniques on my self and implementing the methodology with clients were we tracked before and after coaching data to figure out what works best.

After having coached hundreds of hours using this simple but holistic coaching approach with a high client success rate, I know what it takes to help you get to the next level of your success."

That's why we are one of the few coaching companies worldwide to offer a 100% money-back guarantee for our measurable results and corporate programs.

P.S. – I strictly limit the number of clients I work with at any given time because I want to have my full focus on you and remember by heart everything we talk about in our sessions so I can always support you in the best way possible even beyond our sessions. There are many great coaches out there but when you collaborate with me, you get 100% of my focus and attention… an advantage you won’t get from most others. Click the button below to schedule a call to see if we’re a potential fit to work together. Talk soon!
-Alexandros Papanaoum, Peak Performance Coach & Tiny Habits Expert at Actualizing Change

Fellow at IOC, McLean/ Harvard Medical School Affiliate

Founding Member at the International Association of Positive Psychology Coaches

Marshall Goldsmith Certified 360° Global Leadership Assessment Professional

Certified Employee Performance Coach

Licensed Tiny Habits Coach | Tiny Habits Expert

  • Behavior Design© Training (BJ Fogg/ Stanford University)

  • Certified Mindfulness Practitioner Level 1, 2, 3 & Master (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology)

  • CBT Practitioner Certificate (Academy of Modern Applied Psychology)

  • 60 Approved Coach Specific Training Hour ICF (Master Coach University)

  • Applications for Motivational Interviewing in Coaching (IOC)

  • Professional Certificate at the Science of Happiness at Work (University of California, Berkeley)

  • LGBTQ+ Inclusion (MyGwork)

  • Brain Health and Performance: Coaching with the Brain in Mind (IOC, McLean/Harvard Medical School)

  • Psychological Safety in Executive Coaching (IOC, McLean/ Harvard Medical School)

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Read how some of our customers benefited from our services.

Join dozens of professionals like you who are able to invest more of their time in the things that matter to them, increase their productivity and lead a more satisfied life through collaborating with Actualizing Change.

“I highly recommend Actualizing Change's coaching services, Alex has helped me through his coaching to create a clear compass for my decision making which helps me make decisions faster and more efficiently. Thank you.”

- Nick T.

COO of Management Consulting Firm

“Before working with Alex I was feeling stuck in frustration, feeling helpless for my career because of the whole Covid19 crisis, after having 3 video coaching sessions with Alex and with the daily support I received from him through text, I feel renewed, with a clear understanding of what I want to achieve, and I've cut my chronic procrastination to its root."

- Stephanie H.

Compliance Manager at International Dept. of Infrastructure Company

“I sincerely feel lucky to have met and worked with Alex as my coach. My life has a whole new path now, and I allowed myself to open up to new possibilities through Alex's coaching. I received a respectful amount of support and I am thankful for everything! I strongly recommend him, he is a down-to-earth and open-minded, well organized and flexible in the same time. An inspiring individual. If you want to balance out your stress, work, worries and change your life for the better, he is the coach for you! Perfect for burnout, anxiety, productivity boosting and a big smile after each session!"

-M. Ch.

Creative Entrepreneur

Your Success Story awaits to be written...

- You

“Let's create the uncompromised version of your day together”

The process may be complicated from our side always analyzing to pick the best coaching tools for your specific case but it's simple and easy for you.

All you need to do is:

Step 1: Fill the form

Step 2: We schedule a free strategy session

Step 3: Start seeing results

Most people spent a lot of time, money or both in reading blog posts or books, watching videos, taking courses and working with consultants, because they want to learn and try new things for growing their business, up-skill for their professional development, or improve their wellbeing (physical or mental).

In summary, because they want achieve greater results in whatever they pursue.

But how much of that knowledge do you actually implement?

At Actualizing Change we have a personalized science-based coaching approach that helps you put more things into action so you can level up your productivity, make every ounce of your time and money invested worth it and sleep at night with ease knowing you are doing your best every day.

“We change best by feeling good, not by feeling bad”

-Stanford University Behavior Design Lab Founder and Director, BJ Fogg

“I had been included in executive coaching engagements in two previous companies I was working at, and got some value out of it so I already believed that coaching is something helpful for me but I was feeling the need to have a coach that I can completely open up to, that I can say anything to without being judged and know that his sole interest lies with me because having a coach paid by my employer made me feel that I can't trust that the coach doesn't have mixed interests.

Being effeminate by nature and working in Saudí Arabia has been difficult for me in many ways. Although I am respected for my business knowledge and experience, I have been feeling the office environment stressful because my sexuality is shamed upon a lot in this country. 

The constant need to monitor my moves so I don’t look “gay” has been stressful for me and in turn lowering my overall work performance and satisfaction. I was feeling as if I am back in high school wondering when all this will end.

Working with Alex helped me reclaim my courage and show up in the workplace in an authentic way, letting go of caring about negative unhelpful criticism about my sexuality so I was able to leave all of that emotional baggage behind when being at work, increase my productivity and drive business revenues. I was able to get promoted into a territory business development manager position within 5 months."

- Hendrix A.

Junior Sales Executive at Private Banking Dept. of Financial Institution

  • Broke free from his anxiety

  • Got promoted to Territory Business Development Manager with a 30% salary increase

  • Increased productivity

Your privacy is one of our top priorities

Some of our clients choose to work with us under an NDA agreement so you can feel free to share with us anything that is on your mind with ease.

My mind tends to be rushing at a thousand miles per hour and although it has been an asset sometimes, it is also a two-edged knife for me. I’ve been looking for a good leadership coach to act as a sounding board and help me see my blind spots. 

I was referred to Alex through a colleague as a great resource for coming up with better solutions and higher quality decisions because of his unique perspective and evidence-based coaching methodology.

When I first meet him I was struck and skeptical due to his young age as in my mind the right coach for me should be someone that is one-two steps ahead of me in the same role and industry so he can understand me and have some extra guidance having been where I want to go. 

Alex proved me wrong. I hope he stays the same as he gets older because the fresh perspective and multidisciplinary approach he brings to the table is irreplaceable. An added benefit that I received after working with him that was beyond my expectations is that I now have a clear leadership style and vision, which in turn has helped me and my direct reports be more engaged at work.

- Romni Sc.

Head of HR, Saas Company

  • More Efficient Decision Making

  • Increased out of the box cost effective solutions

  • Developed authentic leadership style

  • Increased engagement in the workplace

We’ve got what you’re looking for. 

See for yourself why we have such great testimonials from clients just like you.

My collaboration with Alex was initiated for time management coaching in my role as an Operations Manager at Water Access Rwanda but it has been so much more than that.

In the beginning, I was a bit worried about online coaching because I wasn't familiar with it. An unstable network at my end and a busy schedule were additional considerations.

Alex has shown me how with mutual understanding, patience, the ability to pivot fast and if/then strategies, everything is possible. Working with him, I've realized a change in my habits and approaches about time management and planning.

He is the most collaborative person, pays great attention to what you say and remembers details as if he has taken thorough notes. He sees you as the whole person instead of just the challenge at hand.

I have enjoyed and still like to work with Alex. I strongly recommend him for his professionalism, integrity and honesty.

- Delphine Uwase

Operations Manager, Water Access Rwanda

  • Improved Time Management

  • Increased Organizational Impact

  • Strategic Thinking Development

  • Effective Development of Habit Change Skills

Is your coaching for me?

  • If you are in a decision making position or decision making is a task you perform frequently at work

  • If you believe optimizing your mental and physical wellness is essential because it can directly influence the level of your performance in work and life and thus the bottom line, your career and your happiness in life

  • If your Performance Indicators look good but you know that you and or your employees/direct reports can do even better

  • If you've reached significant milestones in your career and you are eager for the next thing but for some reason you seem like you can't move the needle and you feel stuck and frustrated

  • If you want to have more time and mental capacity to enjoy the things & people you

  • If you are the kind of person that in fair weather conditions you seem to be able to keep a great routine, exercise, eat well, practice self care and have great interpersonal relationships but when a storm comes in your life all or some of these fall of the wagon and you just work, work, work

  • If you want to have a sounding board, a place where you can be 100% honest and vulnerable as to what you are going through in your role. A place were you feel safe to share anything and not fear to be judged about your aspirations, thoughts, struggles, conflicts, needs, wants, and actions. A person who is committed to your growth and well-being as a professional. A relationship that it's sole purpose is your development and support.

  • And last but most importantly, if you want to create more impact through your work

Then our coaching is definitely for you.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with your service? We have a 100% of your money back guarantee for coaching engagements were setting measurable outcomes in part of our agreement. *Sleep tracking, meditation, biofeedback devices, DNA tests + lab analysis, and other tools included within the price of our VIP package are excluded from the money back guarantee.

I'm afraid for my finances due to the whole Covid-19 situation, what are my options? I want to make my services accessible to people that are really interested to create a change for themselves. If your finances have been negatively affected by COVID-19 or you just don’t have the funds to pay the full amount at once, please ask about our payment plans or consider applying for our scholarship​. Send me a message so we can discuss what will work for the both of us! I also provide text-based habit coaching at an affordable rate.

Want to build positive habits but not ready to commit to a full coaching program just yet?

Click the learn more button to see other ways we can support you today

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